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No. 41
October 19 – 25, 2017
w w w . a s s o c i a t e d n e w s p a p e r s . n e t
The People's Choice win-
ner among the 55 scarecrows
displayed in Wayne will be
announced during a recep-
tion and voting from 3-7 p.m.
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Northville police have
arrested a 27-year-old man
in connection with the Sept.
19 burglary of Rocky's restau-
rant onSevenMileRoad.
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Vol. 132, No. 41
Vol. 70, No. 41
Vol. 70, No. 41
Vol. 17, No. 41
Organizers of the first
Relay for Life event in
Romulus stopped by the city
council meeting recently to
thank everyone who helped
make it a success.
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Vol. 132, No. 41
Vol. 70, No. 41
Vol. 70, No. 41
For home delivery of The Eagle call 734-467-1900.
The John Glenn High
School Rocket Marching
Band won first place awards
in their class at the
Scholastic Marching Band
Festivals in Trenton and
Wyandotte recently.
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The Village Theater at
Cherry Hill will exhibit art-
work from the 25th Annual
Canton Fine Arts Exhibition
through Nov. 4, including the
2017 showwinners.
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Vol. 17, No. 41
Inkster Police Ofc. Tony
Squirewell went above and
beyond the call of duty when
he helped a motorist strand-
ed on Michigan Avenue
See page 5.
With less than a year on
the job, Plymouth Township
Supervisor Kurt Heise
announced his candidacy for
the Republican nomination
for Congress.
See page 4.
Nominations for the three
most prestigious awards in
the Belleville community
will be accepted at the cham-
ber of commerce office until
Oct. 31.
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A Detroit man has been
arrested and charged in April
30 home invasion inNorthville
According to police reports,
Deamo Lavaughn Lately, 31, of
Detroit was arrested Oct. 9 fol-
lowing an investigation by
Northville Township Police
into a home invasion in which
shots were fired and a resident
assaulted. That incident took
place in the area of Five Mile
Road and Bradner, police said,
and the home was most likely
singled out as no other related
incidents were reported in
Lately was arraigned on
charges of armed robbery, car-
jacking, home invasion, unlaw-
ful imprisonment and firearms
charges Oct. 11, at the 35th
District Court before Judge
RonaldLowe. Latelywas given
a $1 million cash bond and
remanded to the Wayne
County Jail. His next appear-
ance at the 35th District Court
is scheduled for Oct. 20.
“The Northville Township
Police Department treats
these types of incidents seri-
ously and investigates them
fully, gathering the evidence,
facts and circumstances sur-
rounding the incident,”
according to a prepared state-
“The Northville Township
Police would like to thank our
local, state and federal law
enforcement partners who
helped to bring about the
arrest of Lately.
“Citizens are the eyes and
ears of the community and are
reminded to report anything
out of place in the community
to the police immediately,” the
statement concluded.
The Scholars of John Glenn
High School program has been
'expelled' from the Wayne-
Westland Community School
The program, which reward-
ed students who improved their
semester grade point average by
.5 with a $200 check, will not be
available to students this year.
More than 2,150 students partici-
pated in the program and 70 per-
cent of them saw an improve-
ment in their grades. About 650
were awarded checks for making
such a significant improvement.
The program was funded prima-
rily by the Westland Community
Foundation and Glenn and Patty
Shaw. No tax money or school
funds were used to support the
Volunteer mentors including
teachers at the school, communi-
ty members, business leaders,
school board members, district
administrators, police officers
and Westland Mayor William
Wild, a graduate of John Glenn,
acted as mentors to coach the
Shaw said that the failure of
the district administration and
school board to live up to the
commitment made to the pro-
gram and contribute the time of
John Glenn School Psychologist
Lou Pryzybylski was the “death
knell” for the effort. Wayne
Westland Community Schools
Board of Education President
Shawna Walker said that
Pryzybylski is a school employee
and therefore the district is
required to assign him to accept-
ed services. Following two years
of acting as the school liaison
with John Glenn students for the
Scholars program, Pryzybylski's
duties now include Wayne
Memorial and the Tinkham pro-
The decision to limit the time
Pryzybylski had available for
interaction with students in the
Scholars program was made by
former Superintendent of
Schools Michele Harmala prior
to her leaving the district, accord-
ing to Board of Education mem-
“I was disappointed in that
decision,” Cox said. “I wanted
the program to continue and to
go forward but that was not a pol-
icy decision, that was an admin-
I think the parents should
know what is going on.
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On a high note
Plymouth-Canton Marching Band wins honors
marching band placed first at
the 27th annual Novi Fanfare
marching band competition
with a show titled “?rOund.”
The play on words incorpo-
rates aesthetically round drill
formations, “plumes” made of
magenta-colored balls, round
stage props, circular detailing
on members' uniforms, and the
incorporation of a musical form
known as a “round.” This form
involves the same melody being
played by multiple instruments
at different starting points. The
show theme includes variations
on “Frère Jacques” which is
oftenperformed as a round.
The competition earlier this
month was part of the Michigan
Competing Band Association
(MCBA) circuit. The Plymouth-
Canton Marching Band score of
90.025 is the highest score
earned by any band in the cir-
cuit this year. The band also
won all three captions:
Performance, Outstanding
Visual Performance, and
Outstanding General Effect.
The spread from highest to low-
est score was less than four
Freshman Abby Dunn, alto
saxophonist, thought it went
She said her favorite part of
the show was, “probably when
I'm in the little circle with all
the other altos in part three.”
The tight-knit also section even
went to Homecoming together
as a group of 16.
Junior Enya Chen, a color
guard member, said she was
proud of how well the young
musicians did in part three as
well, since the students only
learned it twoweeks ago.
“Like the directors said, the
first two parts are pretty strong,
and it was good for what we
have in the time we've had it.”
She went on to say that through-
out the day, the band had “good
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Scholars program ‘expelled’ in district
Members of the Plymouth Canton Marching Band perform their winning show titled ?rOund.
Home invasion suspect is arrested
Deamo Lavaughn Lately
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