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          ENTERPRISE Plymouth OK's new liquor license request
               THE BELLEVILLE

               Vol. 134, No. 28                                                                                                  the city commission for consid-
                                                       Don Howard
            Concerns of nearby resi-                     Staff Writer                           ”                                eration. The site plan for the
          dents apparently convinced                                          The number of bars in the 2-square mile            new business was previously
          a developer to scuttle plans    Members of the Plymouth               downtown business section is also a              OK'd by the planning commis-
          for a $6 million hotel on the  Liquor  License   Review                                                                sion, officials said.
          I-94 Service Drive in Van    Committee (LLRC) approved                hot button issue with many residents.              Stefanakis waited six years
          Buren Township.              the   request   of   George                                                               for the current Class C license
                          See page 3.  Stefanakis and his sons for a  establishment in March of 2018.  Liquor Management Ordinance  and at the time it was approved,
                                       Class C Liquor License for a  The new license is for a second  related to the operation of all  he said the restaurant was “only
                                       new bar in the basement of the  establishment and the owners  Class C licenses, the review  looking at (serving) a small
                  THE CANTON           former bank building at 306   of Greek Islands have made    committee is required to make  amount of beer and wine....”
             EAGLE                     Main St.  The request was also  application to the state Liquor  a recommendation to the city  The restaurant opened in 2012.

               Vol. 72, No. 28         unanimously approved by mem-  Control Commission seeking    commission related to applica-  Stefanakis and his sons told
                                       bers of the Plymouth City     permission for a new bar, enter-  tions, renewals and revocations.  the members of the LLRC mem-
            The Canton Loins Club      Commission.                   tainment permit and extended  After a brief discussion, the  bers last week that the plans for
          recently awarded a $2,000       Stefanakis, the owner of   hours. The application with the  committee members approved  the new bar include a
          scholarship to Jacob Ooms,   Greek Islands Eatery, received  state is still pending.     the Greek Islands' request and
          18, a graduate of Plymouth   a Class C Liquor License at that  Because the city maintains a  sent the recommendation on to      See License, page 2
          High School.
                          See page 5.
                                         Rolling along

                THE INKSTER
          LEDGER STAR                    Area landmark is
          LEDGER STAR
               Vol. 72, No. 28           topic of new book

            Residents throughout the
          area now have the opportu-
          nity to help fund the 22nd                               Julie Brown
          Annual Inkster Legends                                   Staff Writer
          Basketball Camp and the           Anyone traveling along Interstate 94
          annual Christmas giveaway      through Allen Park, has seen “Giant
          program.                       Tire,” which originated as a Ferris wheel
                         See page 4.     for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.
                                            “You cannot go there and pose for a
                                         picture,” said author and historian
                  THE NORTHVILLE         Steven J. Frey, whose “The Giant Tire:
             EAGLE                       From New York World's Fair to Detroit
               Vol. 19, No. 28           Landmark” details the history of the
            Members       of    the         Frey entertained a crowd June 24 at
          Northville City Council        the Plymouth District Library and
          recently approved several      answered audience questions about his  An attraction at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, and a former Ferris Wheel is the
          purchases and upgrades to      sources.                               subject of a book by author Steven J. Frey, pictured below.  Photos by Jackie Walker
          equipment in  police depart-      “I had to do quite a bit of digging,” said  Ferris wheel with four passengers per
          ment vehicles.                 Frey, noting records from the New York  gondola, and an amputation risk that
                          See page 5.    World's Fair are largely lost.         required additional safety measures.
                                            Frey showed a number of 35mm slides   The tire on the outskirts of New York
                                         that evening, “just like Dad used to show  City intrigued Plymouth listeners, who
                  THE PLYMOUTH           slides.” He was surprised at how many  also learned about domestic automakers
             EAGLE                       photos he was able to find on eBay, even  present at the fair.
                                         one that had been in Portugal for years.
                                                                                  “It was U.S. Rubber's way of showcas-
               Vol. 19, No. 28              “As much as I hate Facebook, it was  ing their products,” said Frey, adding the
                                         beneficial in finding people to talk to,”  1964 Ford Mustang debuted at the fair.
            Elected officials and lead-  including a woman he's befriended who    Nearby that fair attraction was the
          ers from Webasto Roof          worked at the fair. Frey said he enjoys the  Sinclair Dinosaur, with Frey noting, “I
          Systems, Inc, celebrated the   1960s slides, “I look at the people, see  don't know if the Sinclair people were
          ground breaking for a new      what they're wearing.”                 happy” with the tire dominating fair-
          plant recently that is expect-    Plymouth District Library Adult     grounds. One engineering firm built its
          ed to bring 440 jobs to        Services Librarian Marjorie Sadler was  static portions, another the mechanical
          Plymouth                       excited to hear Frey speak.            parts.
                          See page 2.       “His latest book struck a chord with  The tire is about 80 feet tall, and the
                                         me. I was thrilled when he agreed to   Ferris Wheel portion was taken to
                   THE ROMULUS           speak here,” she added, noting her family  Atlantic City, New Jersey and was then
             ROMAN                       enjoys unusual roadside attractions.                        See Tire, page 2
                                            At the fair, the giant tire was used as a
               Vol. 134, No. 28
            Free summer meals are
          by the Romulus Community Landfill manager promises odor mitigation efforts
          being provided in Romulus

          Schools    District  and
          Chartwells Food Service.        Mark Johnson, the new gen-                            ”                                discharged from the facility.
                          See page 3.  eral manager at Advanced            Some of the issues reported to us have been             “Some of the issues reported
                                       Disposal Services, got less than                                                          to us have been headaches, nau-
                                       a warm welcome at a recent                headaches, nausea, eye irritation,              sea, eye irritation, light-headed-
                                       Northville Township Board of                                                              ness and trouble breathing,”
                  THE WAYNE            Trustees meeting.                      light-headedness and trouble breathing,            Lassel said. “Members of an out-
             EAGLE                        “Enough    is   enough,”                                                               side contracting team told the
                                                                        Landfill officials have
               Vol. 72, No. 28         Northville Township Supervisor  blamed weather and other fac-  annual operating budget at the  family they were working for
                                       Robert Nix said, after Johnson
                                                                                                   landfill had been increased
                                                                                                                                 that they couldn't believe how
            The Art-O-Motive car       explained his “plan of action” at  tors for the increased odor prob-  from $1.6 million to between $8  bad (the odor) was.
          hood design contest will     Arbor Hills landfill. “This has  lems at the nearly 20-year-old  and $10 million.           “It's time to stop the excuses.
          return to Downtown Days in   gone on long enough. It needs to  facility which had generated few  “There has been significant  Take accountability and fix the
          Wayne for the second year    be fixed and you need to be suc-  complaints until 2015. Since that  improvement from March until  problems (that are causing the
          Aug. 9-10 at Veterans Plaza in  cessful. Going back to 2015, we  time, complaints from residents  now,” Johnson told the board.  odors),” he said.
          Downtown Wayne               had one, maybe two, complaints  have increased steadily, as has  “That said, we still have work to  Johnson said during his intro-
                         See page 4.   a year. Nothing like we're having  the smell, officials said.  do and there may continue to be  duction that there were “zero”
                                       now,” Nix said.                  “You talk about weather and  issues that impact our neigh-  health risks related to the odors
                                          Members of the board have  other causes. Prior to 2015, we  bors. I am personally doing  at the landfill.
                  THE WESTLAND         received thousands of com-    had weather and everything    everything I can to minimize    I've been doing this for a very
             EAGLE                     plaints about the stench from  else that is going on today, with-  those impacts.”        long time and I am committed to
                                                                                                     The president of the Stop
               Vol. 72, No. 28         the landfill since 2015. A recent  out the violations,” Nix said.  Arbor Hills Conservatory group  getting this fixed,” he said. “I am
                                                                                                                                 going to get it fixed. We've made
                                                                        Johnson told the officials that
                                       township meeting drew a large
            A former Westland priest   crowd of homeowners who       his 30-year career included suc-  said that residents have contin-  progress already, but progress is
          is facing charges of third-  protested and complained about  cessful landfill problem mitiga-  ued to report problems at the  one thing and completion is
          degree criminal sexual con-  the smell to township officials  tion and that the new team at  landfill since June 1 and that  another. We've gone from 400
          duct involving a man in his  and threatened legal action if  Arbor Hills had already taken  several have reported physical  (complaint) calls to 10. But 10 is
          20s whom he was counseling.  some remedial action was not  come corrective action with suc-  symptoms which they believe  still too many,” Johnson conclud-
                          See page 4.  taken.                        cessful results. He said that the  are caused by the odors and gas  ed.

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