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June 6, 2019                                                   ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS OF MICHIGAN                                                  PAGE 5

                                       WAYNE - WESTLAND

        Westland marks National Library Week

                          Julie Brown  way to make this happen,” Hull  libraries inform and entertain:  cafes, and more people are visit-
                          Staff Writer  said of opportunities. She said  “They help us understand and  ing them than go to movies.
                                       she has used her education to  connect in new ways,” she said.  Westland City Clerk Richard
           Barbara Marcum - and many   help her husband and children    Gayle Nicholson, on the     LeBlanc     deftly  handled
        others - know books hold knowl-  live better lives.           Westland Library Board of     Laxminarayan's query of his wal-
        edge.                            “I really began to understand  Trustees, said, “If you haven't  let holding a library card by
           “My family five generations  it was no longer about me,” she  been to the Westland Library  standing a holding his library
        ago lived in Nazi Germany,”    said. The couple's children went  lately, you might want to get  card aloft.
        Marcum told an attentive audi-  from baby storytime to coding,  there.” She grew up by the Noble  Meriem Kadi, library Friends
        ence during a Westland National  studying and more.           Branch of the Livonia Public  president, noted, “That's the
        Library Week event recently.     The William P. Faust Public  Library and recalls librarians  thing I love about our community,
           “The fight was over when they  Library of Westland became her  then saying “Shush” to children.  we work together.”
        burned the books,” the director  place to write, including her  “It's time to get back to your  Westland Mayor William R.
        of the Westland senior center  book, “Dear Daddy: Thank You!  library. Keep coming back     Wild said libraries help vulnera-
        told listeners April 11. She was  A Daughter's Transformation  because things are going to get  ble communities, including                   Tatiana Hull
        quoting an older relative on the  Through a Father's Love.”   nothing but better,” Nicholson  homeless people. Job applica-
        importance of ideas in a free    The library building on      said.                         tions, resumes and interview   Tlaib was a surprise guest at the
        society.                       Central City Parkway “for me     Westland library volunteer  help are offered, said Wild, “and  breakfast, noting both her par-
           “Our ideas can be challenged.  and my family became a safe  Bob Frank shared the way the  of course reading a good book.”  ents were immigrants who bene-
        Books are a way we learn new   haven,” said Hull. The library  homebound program has long      Wild          commended     fited from books and libraries.
        things. Learn from mistakes so  helped with coupons for food  helped those with mobility, vision  Laxminarayan, his wife and the  “Libraries were kind of for-
        we don't make the same mis-    through programming as well as  and hearing problems. “I've been  library staff, adding, “If you don't  eign to them,” she said.
        takes,” she said.              internet access.               doing that over 15 years and I  have your library cards, see the  She added that she loves
           Author Tatiana Hull agrees.   Of storytime, she added, “The  will continue as long as I can do  clerk (LeBlanc) on the way out.”  books and noted, “Sometimes if I
        She credits her single mother for  fact my children were able to get  it,” he said.         He spoke in jest, but cards are  loved the book it's hard for me to
        instilling her love of books.  a free snack didn't hurt either. We  Library Director Ishwar  available for the asking at all  give it up. There is something
           “She drilled in me education  kept going.”                 Laxminarayan noted there are  public libraries.              special about coming in” to visit a
        and the ability to dream were the  Hull emphasized the ways   more libraries than Starbucks    Congresswoman Rashida       library.”
        Seniors                        reallocated in the budget for an  development office and use the  proposed a motion that the budg-  in Wayne.

                                                                                                    et be accepted, as presented,
                                                                                                                                     Rhaesa reiterated his com-
                                                                      funding to provide more services
                                       ordinance officer.
                                         “We've heard from many resi-  for seniors, rather than elimi-  with the exception of an addi-  ments that using the Westland
        FROM PAGE 1                    dents who tell us they want more  nate the office.  He said he  tional $5,000 which could be  facility would provide many
                                       ordinance officers,” he said.  strongly objected to the cost of  used to pay the individual $12  more opportunities and services
        get up and 5 or 6 in the morning  Former city council member  the development office that has  membership fees for Wayne resi-  for Wayne residents.
        on election day and volunteer,”  Christopher Sanders questioned  shown minimal or no results.  dents at the Westland Friendship  “The city has not had the
        he told the council. “These are  a $14,000 increase in the city  “The investment did not    Center. Her motion included the  resources to fund it and hasn't
        the people who volunteer with  manager's budget while the sen-  improve the tax base. We should  closing of the Wayne Senior  for a long time and I don't see us
        Main Street.”                  ior services were eliminated.   be backing out,” he said. “This is  Service office.         having the resources any time in
           In response to an inquiry     City officials said that the  what happened to previous       She said she had visited both  the future. The seniors can use
        from resident Nancy Pride about  $14,000 is a place holder in the  councils, they didn't get out in  the Westland Friendship Center  the library or the museum,” he
        the funding for the senior servic-  budget for an unfilled office posi-  time. We made an investment, it  and the Dyer Center and was  said.
        es, Rheasa explained that it had  tion that has not been used for  didn't work, it's time to move on,”  impressed with the services and  Votes to cancel senior servic-
        been funded from Community     three years.                   he said.                      opportunities for seniors. She  es came from Jeremiah Webster,
        Development Block Grant          The strongest opposition to    Miller insisted that services  said she believes that 100 Wayne  Shiff, Phillip Wagner and
        money.                         the elimination of the services  for seniors is “an essential serv-  residents may already be using  Rhaesa. Councilman Tom Porter,
           “That is gone. It was at    came from Councilman Anthony   ice” and said, “we should be  the Westland center.           Miller and Kevin Dowd were all
        $120,000 and now, this year, we  Miller who suggested that the  spending more for seniors, not  She said the Westland servic-  opposed to the plan.
        will get $20,000,” Rhaesa said.  city reduce or eliminate the  less.”                       es were far more extensive and   Wayne Senior Services will
           He said that $20,000 had been  “investment” in the community  Councilwoman Kelly Shiff   wide ranging than the offerings  end June 30.
                                                                                     Wayne offers SmarkTek class
                                                                                        The City of Wayne Senior Services  systems and much more.
                                                     Wayne Police Ofc. Chad          Office is bringing the AARP Smart TEK    The workshop will take place from 9-11
                                                     Colwell, left,  receives congrat-  program to local seniors once again. The  a.m. Wednesday, June 5 at the HYPE
                                                     ulations from Police Chief
                                                     Ryan Strong last week after     free program is a workshop that offers an  Recreation Center, 4635 Howe Road,
                                                     being named as Police Officer   interactive way to stay up-to-date with the  Wayne 48184
                                                     of the Year during the regular  latest, safety technology in current or  Register and bring a friend. For more
                                                     meeting of the Wayne City       future cars. Learn all about blind-spot  information or registration, call Wayne
                                                     Count. Colwell was nominated    detection systems, front-collision warning  Senior Services at (734)721-7460.
                                                     by his peers for the honor and
                                                     the awards committee (com-
                                                     prised of officers of various                      CITY OF ROMULUS RFP 18/19-28
                                                     ranks) selected him by a unan-                Request for Proposal - Redevelop -Former “Firehouse”
                                                     imous vote. Colwell's selec-                      located 35255 Goddard Road, Romulus, MI
                                                     tions was based on his strong
                                                     work ethic and integrity, offi-  This Request for Proposals is intended to help the City of Romulus to identify a Developer/Operator
                                                     cials said. Colwell was recently  owner to partner with for redevelopment of the former Romulus "Firehouse" located at 35255
                                                                                      Goddard Road, Romulus, MI  48174. The Developer/Operator that we seek should have demon-
                                                     credited with the safe appre-    strated expertise in restaurant projects and/or retail projects and have the financial capacity to com-
                                                     hension of an armed robbery      plete and operate the final project. The City will ultimately select one individual or group to lease,
                                                     suspect after chasing the man    lease to purchase or purchase the building for the redevelopment of the former "Firehouse".
                                                     on foot and subsequently            (1) Qualified individuals and developer/operators wishing to submit a proposal must use the
                                                     arresting him.                        forms provided by the City.  Proposal forms and specifications may be obtained from the
                                                                                           MITN Purchasing Group Page of BidNet Direct at or by emailing your
                                                                                           request tom the City of Romulus Purchasing Department
                                                                                           Copies of documents obtained from any other source are not considered official copies.
                      CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF NORTHVILLE                                       Proposals may be rejected unless made on the forms included with the bidding documents.
                               NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING                                  (2) A onetime pre-proposal conference will be held at 1:00 PM, Monday, June 17, 2019, in the
                                    June 6, 2019 - 7:00 pm                                 Council Chambers of Romulus City Hall located to 11111 Wayne Road.  In addition to pro-
                                                                                           viding clarifications to the bid documents, this will be the only opportunity for companies to
         The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on June 25, 2019 at the Northville Township  view the interior of the building prior to submitting a proposal.
         Municipal Offices, 44405 Six Mile Road, Northville, Michigan 48168.   The Planning Commission  (3) Any and all questions regarding the request for proposal documents, the project scope or the
         will consider zoning ordinance amendments to Section 33.6 Architecture Requirements and Section  required submittals must be emailed to and received no later
         37.3 Temporary Outdoor Sales or Events.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.       than 12:00 P.M. local time, Friday, June 21, 2019.
                                                                                         (4) Clarifications, modifications, or amendments may be made to this solicitation at the discre-
         The public is invited to attend this public hearing and express their comments or ask questions.  The  tion of the City.  Any and all addenda issued by the City will be posted on the MITN system.
         draft amendments will be available for viewing at the Township between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.,  All interested parties are instructed to view the MITN website regularly for any issued adden-
         Monday through Friday.  Written comments will be received by the Northville Township Planning  da.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to obtain all issued addenda and acknowledge receipt
         Commission at 44405 Six Mile Road, Northville, MI 48168.                          of said addenda by including a printed copy of each addendum as part of the required docu-
                                                                                           ments for this solicitation and to list the addendum and sign and date the "Acknowledgment
         Tim Zawodny, Chair                                                                of Receipt Addenda Form: supplied in the RFP documents.
         Planning Commission                                                             (5) The City reserves the right to postpone the deadline for the submission of proposals without
                                                                                           notification and also reserves the right to reject all proposals and to waive any minor infor-
         Publish June 6, 2019                                       NT0001 - 053019  2.5 x 2.685  mality or irregularity in proposals received.
                                                                                         (6) A total of six (6) copies (One original and five marked "Copy") and 1 electronic copy in
                                                                                           "PDF" form of the documents of the proposal must be submitted together in a sealed enve-
                                        NOTICE!!                                           lope or package and returned to the City Clerk's Office no later than 2:30 P.M., Wednesday,
                                                                                           July 17, 2019.  The original proposal may be clipped but should not be stapled or bound.
                  WESTWOOD COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT                                       Copies may be stapled or bound. The original and copies should be identical, excluding the
                                                                                           obvious difference in labeling.
                                  BUDGET HEARING                                         (7) At approximately 2:45 p.m. local time following the deadline for submitting bids, receipt of
                                                                                           all timely received proposals shall be acknowledged publically and a cursory review of sub-
         A Public Hearing on its proposed budget will be held by the Board of Education of the Westwood  mittals shall be made for form and content.
         Community School District on:                                                   (8) The City reserves the right to reject as non-responsive any proposals which are not organized
                                                                                           and formatted as described in this RFP.
                                     Thursday, June 13, 2019                             (9) The City, during the course of the evaluation process, may request additional written infor-
                                         at 6:30 p.m.                                      mation to supplement and clarify the information provided in this response.
                                           In the                                        (10) The City, at the discretion of the proposal Evaluation Committee, may conduct interviews
                                      Equilla F. Bradford                                  with some or all of the Developer's that submitted proposals for consideration.
                                     Administrative Center                               (11) Agreements may ultimately be entered into with the most responsive and responsible com-
                                    3335 S. Beech Daly Road                                pany, as determined in the sole discretion of the City of Romulus or otherwise in a manner
                                Dearborn Heights, Michigan  48125                          deemed by the City to be in its own best interest.
                                                                                         (12) The City reserves the right to postpone the deadline for the submission of proposals with-
         THE PROPERTY TAX MILLAGE RATE PROPOSED TO BE LEVIED TO                            out notification and also reserves the right to reject all proposals and to waive any minor infor-
         SUPPORT THE PROPOSED BUDGET WILL BE A SUBJECT OF THIS                             mality or irregularity in proposals received. Ultimately, a contract may be awarded to the most
         HEARING.                                                                          responsive and responsible company, as determined in the sole discretion of the City of
                                                                                           Romulus or otherwise in a manner deemed by the City to be in its own best interest.
                                                                                         (13) The City of Romulus strictly prohibits the reproduction or publishing of any published doc-
         Copies of the proposed budget will be available for review in the Westwood Administrative Office  ument or solicitation without the express written consent of the City of Romulus.
         Center between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on June 13, 2019.             Unauthorized posting of any notice of these documents or reference to said documents or
                                                                                           solicitations is strictly prohibited.
                                                    Sarah Ward, Secretary
                                                    Westwood Board of Education       Publish: 6/6/19                                               RM0403 - 060619  2.5 x 8.797
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