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April 25, 2013
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Student scholarships offered
Commissioner sets Inkster meeting
Committee to develop city business overlay district
The deadline is May 3 for gradu-
ating students in the Wayne-
Westland school district to apply
for some help with college tuition
and expenses.
The Wayne Westland Parks and
Recreation Foundation is adminis-
tering two separate scholarship
funds designed to help local stu-
dents. The Harold and Pat Bower
Scholarship was established to
assist students in furthering their
education in the arts and humani-
ties including subjects such as art,
dance, theater, visual, vocal, instru-
mental, cinematography, photogra-
phy andwriting.
The Jack Demmer Scholarship
was established to help students in
furthering their education toward a
business related career goal.
Each of the awards is intended
to help toward tuition, room and
board, fees, books and supplies
necessary for the pursuit of study
at any school, college or other edu-
cational institution. Both are one-
year awards.
The Harold and Pat Bower
awards are limited to Wayne resi-
dents while the Jack Demmer
award is available to any student in
the Wayne Westland Community
School District who meets the
other criteria.
Both foundations include
requirements that students present
evidence of strong person charac-
ter, leadership and work ethic and
demonstrated academic success in
related classes, projects and work
The Harold and Pat Bower
awards are for $500 to $1,000. The
JackDemmer award is for $500.
Applicants will be screened by
the Wayne Westland Parks and
Recreation Foundation and that
entity will determine the award
Applicants need to submit the
required documentation and forms
to Harold and Pat Bower
Scholarship or the Jack Demmer
Scholarship at City of Wayne
RecreationFoundation, 4635Howe
Road,Wayne, 48184.
More information is available at
(734) 721-7400. For applications,
First-term Wayne County
Commissioner, RichardLeBlanc (D-
District 12) will host monthly coffee
hours in Inkster to meet with con-
stituents to discuss issues of interest
to them. The next meeting is
planned forMonday, May 6.
LeBlanc will meet the first
Monday of each month from 12:30 -
1:30 p.m. at the Leanna Hicks
Public Library, located at 2005
Inkster Road. LeBlanc will be
accompanied at these coffee hour
meetings by State Rep. David
“I look forward to meeting with
my new constituents and listening
to the concerns they have,”
LeBlanc said. “These informal gath-
erings provide the perfect opportu-
nity for us to become more familiar
with the thoughts and concerns of
thosewithin the 12thdistrict.
“I know my constituents will
have plenty to discuss, and whether
they are residents or business own-
ers, I encourage them to attend and
to express their thoughts on ways to
enhance the relationship between
the county and theCity of Inkster.”
Wayne City Manager Robert
English has been assigned the task
of organizing a committee to devel-
op a business overlay district for the
The assignment came following a
special study session of the Wayne
City Council during which the mas-
ter plan adopted in 2010 was dis-
cussed. An ordinance adopting rec-
ommended development standards
for commercial areas in the city was
recommended, but never formally
adopted or enacted by the city coun-
cil when themaster plan was adopt-
The suggested plan included
design standards for the city such as
zero setbacks, rear parking and use
restrictions. The overlay ordinance
would have prevented the drive-
through windows like those pro-
posed at the McDonalds under con-
struction at the intersection of
MichiganAvenue andWayneRoad.
City ClerkMatt Miller who is also
the city planner, said that there was
no funding for the overlay district,
which was designed for the north
section of Wayne Road and the dis-
trict fromElizabeth toThirdStreet.
During the study session, Mayor
Al Haidous, who owns property in
the city, suggested that fewer restric-
tions would be more conducive to
development. He defended the
McDonald's which has been the tar-
get of criticism from members of
TheRippleEffect, a downtown revi-
talization group.
Haidous said some people find
the proposed McDonald's a benefit
and said that a Fortune 500 compa-
ny may draw more business to the
Council members agreed on hav-
ing English form a committee to
prepare an overlay development
district to present to the council for
Stamp of approval
Whitney White, of the Westland Post Office, was busy at the 44th
Plymouth Stamp Show last weekend, selling collectible stamps and
other postal items. The show took place at the Hellenic Cultural
Center in Westland and attracted philatelic dealers and attendees
from all over the Midwest for one of the largest stamp shows in the
Photo by: David L. Malhalab MNS Photo