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                                  CANTON - NORTHVILLE

        Rescue Recovery program offered in area

                          Julie Brown  the holidays,” he said.          “They can go there and min-
                          Staff Writer   “It definitely can for a lot of  gle with other people who are in
                                       people (be a struggle). Their fam-  recovery,” Stropes added.
           Those with substance abuse  ily's not ready to have them back  Their certification, and that of
        issues can get help from Growth  in their lives.,” Herrst said.  their colleagues, is “certified
        Works Inc., which offers a       Custody issues with children  peer recovery coach.” Both agree
        Rescue Recovery program. It    are a factor as well, she added.  listening matters to those in
        responds 24/7 for Canton and     Some family members use      recovery, along with getting them
        Northville townships, Westland  drugs and are enablers, she   resources.
        and Livonia, with a focus on St.  noted. Her family had trust   “I have an allergy to alcohol,”
        Mary Mercy Hospital of Livonia.   issues “because I was under the  said Herrst, who always asks at
           “There are multiple pathways  influence.” She praised her par-  social functions about food and
        to recovery out there,” noted  ents.                          beverage contents.
        Patrick Stropes, Growth Works    “They cut me off and that was  “I don't like the taste. It just
        supervisor of Rescue Recovery,  probably the hardest thing they  reminds me of my drinking,” she
        peer support services. He and  had to do,” she said. “They made  said, adding, “There is help and
        Allison Herrst, lead peer recov-  some phone calls” to help.   they can recover from addic-
        ery coach there, support regular  Her parents' focus was, “I can't  tion.”
        Alcoholics Anonymous and       help you until you're ready to   Stropes notes the stigma of
        Narcotics Anonymous efforts.   help yourself.”                addiction and people's fears
           “I know that having any 12-   Stropes notes many people    their employer will judge them
        step recovery program” helps, he  can't drink responsibly, and  harshly.
        said. “Finding a power greater  explains that alcoholism is a dis-  They stress the work also of
        than themselves. It's just finding  ease much like cancer or dia-  the American Foundation for
        where you fit in and where you  betes.                        Suicide Prevention which oper-
        can relate.”                     He agrees others are more    ates a 24/7 help line at 1-800-273-
           Their longstanding program  aware of what alcohol does to the  TALK (8255). Those with suicide
        requires paid coaches to be in  body. “We see red flashing lights,”  thoughts are also encouraged to
        recovery at least two years, a  he noted.                     text HOME to 741741 at any time,
        requirement both Herrst and      Their Rescue Recovery pro-   they said.
        Stropes meet.                  gram helps, as does the PC Alano  The website for
           “It's a spiritual program,” said  Club with both 12-step recovery  the American Foundation for
        Stropes, rather than religious, of  meetings and social gatherings,  Suicide Prevention has more
        NA and AA.                     during the holidays and year-  information.
           He touts his 1,797 days of  round.                           Herrst and Stropes agree
        sobriety. Stropes notes Growth   Alcoholics Anonymous was     healthy eating, friendships and
        Works coaches for substance    founded in 1935 in Akron, Ohio,  exercise help. too. “We refer to it
        abuse are certified by the     and is an international mutual  as self-care,” Stropes said, noting
        Michigan Department of Health  aid fellowship. The purpose is to  reading and meditation are use-  Patrick Stropes and Allison Herrst of Growth Works help those who
        and Human Services.            help members to remain sober   ful.                           struggle with substance abuse, as they have faced in their own lives.
           “They're being assisted by  and help other alcoholics        “Another one that's really good
        people who have walked in their  achieve sobriety.            is putting down social media for  They help families through  ments if they need immediate
        shoes,” he said. “It's our responsi-  The Narcotics Anonymous  a time,” he said, such as unplug-  Growth Works too, working with  help from Growth Works.
        bility to give back and help other  organization was founded in  ging for an hour a day.    doctors, nurses, other hospital  The PC Alano Club is a “good,
        people who are struggling.”    1953.                            “Boundaries are healthy,    staff and police.              safe environment. They have
           Both tout the work of the PC  The Alano Club meetings,     healthy, healthy. I was a great  “We have coaches on call.   food, fellowship, events” now
        Alano Club, 8669 N. Lilley, south  Herrst noted,  are “kind of like a  manipulator who had to change  We're always there to help,”  and the rest of the year.
        of Joy Road in Canton.         big Christmas party. There's   his ways.                     Stropes said. In Northville and  Families can reach out to
           The 12-step meetings and the  always somebody there. We know  “Our program's amazing in  Canton townships, Westland and  Growth Works for resources dur-
        PC Alano Club give a “healthy  the holidays can be a stressful  connecting people to resources,”  Livonia people can also go  ing weekday business hours by
        and safe place to gather during  time.”                       he added.                     directly to the police depart-  calling (734) 495-1722.
        New theater group formed

           Evalino Productions has formally
        launched a newly-formed theater compa-                ”
        ny that promises classic adult productions        Auditions for
        and high-quality young adult/children pro-       the production
        ductions at The Village Theater at Cherry
        Hill in Canton.                                 will be take place
           The first production of the company           Feb.12 and 13,
        will be a children's musical with more
        than 21 available roles for actors 17 and     at The Village Theater.
        younger planned for the first week of May
        in the Biltmore Studio.
           Auditions for the production will be  adults. The company is also dedicated to
        take place Feb.12 and 13, at The Village  empowering children by offering them
        Theater.  The company will also be     challenges that help them grow as young
        announcing their "pay what you can" fee to  actors and nourish their self-confidence.
        participate in a play presented by Evalino  Evalino will produce plays for adults that
        Productions as well as introductions.     have substantial messages and are true
           The mission of Evalino Productions is  classics and produce musicals of all sizes
        to create a theatrical environment where  that include adults, children, and families.
        respect for theater is held to a higher stan-  The theater company is also dedicated to
        dard through providing a mentoring pro-  offering patrons a theatrical experience
        gram for young adults and children     where they will understand how passion-
        exploring all aspects of theater led by pro-  ate the company is about theater through
        fessionally educated and experienced   high-quality productions.

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